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Since the very beginning of our activity we have been specialising in firewood sales. We deliver firewood not only to Radviliškis district, but also to the surrounding areas: Šiauliai, Panevėžys, Kėdainiai, Raseiniai and other districts..

We have birch and ash tree firewood, mixed firewood includes aspen, alder tree, nut-tree, and birch. We sell firewood in logs, stumps, or chopped.

Contact us because we offer firewood all year round at AFFORDABLE PRICES. We always deliver on time.

  • Amounts - 5, 10 or 30 cubic meters

  • Cages (3 m), chopped, broken



5 cubic meters of firewood is transported with Peugeot Boxer or Renault Master dump truck.


10 cubic meters of firewood is transported with MAN trucks.


30 cubic meters of firewood is transported with a timber truck.

What kind of firewood should you choose?

For fuel use only high-quality, well-dried firewood. One of the qualities of firewood which is worth noting is the density. High density firewood can produce more heat than low density firewood. Therefore, this type of firewood is more suitable for use than the most commonly offered cheap, but poor quality firewood. High density is a characteristic of oak, birch, ash, and beech tree firewood.

Another important feature of firewood is its heat and caloric value. It is a physical quantity which indicates the amount of energy (heat) that will be emitted by burning a certain amount of firewood.

According to its heat, firewood is divided into heat groups:

HEAT GROUP 1: ash tree, oak, birch, maple, hornbeam, elm;

HEAT GROUP 2: pine, black alder, sallow tree;

HEAT GROUP 3: spruce, linden, aspen, willow, poplar, grey alder.

It is highly advisable not to use treated wood instead of fuel, i.e. impregnated boards, painted wood, pallets, parts of furniture, etc. This type of wood was treated using chemicals, which emit toxic substances when burnt.

Birch firewood is a great fuel; its heat group is I. Therefore, birch firewood is very popular and people buy it all year round. Birch firewood’s density is up to 0.65 kg / dm², it is characterised by high caloric value (2000 - 2500 kcal).

Birch firewood can be used in furnaces, fireplaces, and in other solid fuel boilers of different power.


Ash tree firewood burns well and belongs to heat group I. Its firewood density is 0.75 kg / dm², its caloric value is 2000 - 2500 kcal. Ash tree firewood is suitable to use for boilers, furnaces, and fireplaces.


Oak firewood burns especially well; therefore it belongs to the heat group I. Oak’s density is 0.69 kg / dm², and the caloric value is 2000 - 2500 kcal. In comparison to other firewood, oak firewood dries slowly and is not suitable for tiled furnaces.

However, oak is expensive firewood; therefore Lithuanians often look for cheaper fuel.


Aspen firewood belongs to heat group III. The density of the wood is 0.51 kg / dm², its caloric value is 1500 - 1700 kcal. The heat emitted by aspen firewood is not very intense, but the good news is that using aspen firewood requires less frequent chimney cleaning.


Spruce firewood does not emit enough heat; therefore it is more suitable to maintain the burning than to quickly start the fire.

Spruce firewood belongs to heat group III. The wood density is 0.45 kg / dm², and its caloric value is 1500 - 1700 kcal. It is advisable to use spruce firewood for those who burn coal. Spruce firewood is rich with gum; therefore it is easy to ignite. However, it crackles while burning. This is the reason why spruce firewood is not suitable for open fireplaces.


Pine is the kind of firewood that lights up quickly and, unfortunately, burns quickly. For this reason, it is ideal as firelighter, but not for continuous heating. Moreover, pine is rich with resin and gum; because of this, soot might start accumulating in the chimney and in the boiler.

This firewood belongs to heat group II. The density of the firewood is 0.56 kg / dm². Its caloric value is 1800-2000 kcal. Spruce firewood is easy to ignite, it slightly crackles, it is rich with gum, and has a specific, pleasant scent. It is suitable for all closed heating devices, but it is not recommended for fireplaces with glass doors.


Black alder firewood belongs to heat group II. The firewood density is 0.59 kg / dm² and its caloric value is 1800-2000 kcal. Black alder firewood is similar to alder firewood, but it produces higher level of heat. Of all the trees, black alder firewood is most suitable for food smoking. Its heat is equal to the heat emitted by birch firewood, it is characterised by minor soot emission and quick drying.


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